LGBT reading challenge 2011

Why this challenge? LGBT literature is so rich and varied and worth talking more about. That’s why I am hosting this challenge: to keep learning and sharing reading experiences. And, why not, to do my own tiny bit for a more accepting world – one book at a time!

The details of the challenge

  • The challenge will run from January, 1st 2011 to December, 31st 2011.
  • Because I’m also completing another challenge, I’m not setting a goal. You can decide how many books you want to read during the year. Obviously: the more you read, the more prize draws you’ll be able to enter! See the section “Resources” below for some suggestions.
  • What qualifies as LGBT reading? I will accept reviews of books whose author is LBGT, whose topic is LGBT and/or whose characters (even minor ones) are LGBT. Fiction and non-fiction titles are equally accepted.
  • The challenge is open to bloggers and non bloggers alike.
  • There will be monthly prizes for participants.

How to sign up

  • If you are a blogger: create a post about taking part in the challenge and link back to this post. After that, click here and register. In the URL field you need to indicate the URL of the challenge-related post, not the general URL of your blog.
  • Also for bloggers: display the image below on your sidebar. To do this, you just need to copy and paste the following code.
  • If you are not a blogger: click here and register. In the URL field, just put n/a.
  • I will constantly update the list of participants.

What to do once you’ve read a book

  • If you are a blogger: write a review on your blog and link back to the challenge-related monthly post that I will create at the beginning of every month. After that, click on the relevant link to send me your review. In the URL field you need to indicate the URL of the relevant post, not the general URL of your blog.
  • If you are not a blogger: click on the link in the challenge-related post that I will create at the beginning of every month to send me your book review.
  • Everyone who sends in their reviews during a specific month will be entered into a prize draw. Details to follow at the beginning of every month.


  • You don't need to select your books at the beginning of the challenge. You can choose them as you go. If you do want to make a list of the books you aim to read, don’t feel bound to it.
  • Need ideas?
    a) Visit Amazon, enter “LGBT” (or gay, lesbian etc.) in the search box. On the left-hand column of the results page, you will find a box called Listmania! Enter your keyword again in the “Search Listmania!” box and click “go”. You will be directed to a page containing lists of relevant boos compiled by users of the website.
    b) Visit and choose the required character’s sexuality (under “change to character, plot, setting). If you’ve never used this website, you can find a useful demo on the homepage.
    c) Visit and search for “gay literature”. The results will contain many suggestions and further links to explore.


  1. wonderful reading blog. Thought you would like to know I learned of your blog through a "Google Alert" I receive once a week searching for entries with the variables: Italy and Books. As to the Reading Challenge, I will certainly "follow" it but I have already read every book about or set in Italy that I can put my hands on. In bocca al lupo!

  2. A Google Alert, wow! Thanks for the nice comment, Patricia. Why don't you join the challenge anyway? Even if you read just one book, you will be entered in a prize draw... and I can tell you there will be great books coming up for grabs!

  3. Oh go on then, given there isn't a set number of books to read I'll fo this one as well! I usually end up readign a couple of LGBT books every year anyway! I'll set my own target based on how many I've read this year.

  4. Sorry, I made a mistale registering the first time, I should have read your instructions more carefully. I'll register again. I've set up everything on my Over Forty Shades blog.

  5. I've decided to participate as motivation to read more and am really looking forward to getting started. Thanks for setting up the challenge!

  6. This sounds great. Comic reviews here I come! this might sit nicely alongside other posts I've been meaning to do, but have not quite got round to yet as well. I need prompts sometimes!

  7. Great idea. If anyone's looking for inspiration for books, check out our book group's website under 'past reads':

  8. What a great idea! Count me in. I'll be back when I've had time to register.

  9. Found you via a retweet from Anyone But Me. I am thinking about doing the lgbt reading challenge. It sounds like fun. I have a blog, but NEVER update it. Maybe this challenge will give me the motivation I need to actually write something.

  10. Hi there Briton.
    I have just signed up for your challenge. There is a challenge blog site you may want to include this on. Its called A Novel Challenge -

    Thanks for hosting~ Shellie

  11. Hi Shellie! Thanks for joining and for letting me know about that website. Will get in touch right away :o)

  12. Hi Shellie, great challenge! Just a few questions before I register: is it ok for non-UK-readers to participate (thinking about sending the prizes)? Is it necessary that the books are available in English or are other language books that haven't been translated (yet) ok as well? Thanks!

  13. Hi! The challenge is open world-wide and, although it would be nice for the books to be available in English, it is not necessary. Hope you'll join!

  14. Yay! Someone else is holding another challenge like this! I've been running my GLBT challenge for three years now and I'm so glad there are others out there too! :) If you'd like to check mine out, here's the dedicated website:

  15. Hej! I just signed in! - I did not give MY adress but the of my best friend - who will give ME ALL the great prizes I am going to recive.. ;") Honest: I think this is a great challenge - I am heading for at least five books. :") (If this year gives me more time and leisure I am going to read more.)
    Have a marvellous weekeend!!

  16. Have any reviews been posted to the challenge yet - where can we read them if so?

  17. The post with the links to the reviews is going to go live on 17th January.


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