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Blog tour: Moon Yoga

Welcome to the blog tour for Moon Yoga by Lisa Hood! More about the book… Whether we realise it or not, everyone and everything, from the rolling of the tides to the balance of emotions in our bodies, is influenced by the moon. Moon Yoga is your guide to harnessing the moon's energy to lift and balance your life through mindful movement. Yoga is both a physical practice and a spiritual one. Expert yoga instructor Lisa Hood provides insightful guidance on how to shape a spiritual practice that channels the moon's energy to stimulate vitality, creativity, productivity and relaxation. Whether you work through a whole flow, focus on one pose, or just work through a breathing exercise, aligning your body and your mind in a moment of spiritual connection with the moon can help you centre yourself, even if just for a few moments in the middle of a busy day. - Learn about how each phase of the moon brings a different energy into your life. - Move with the moon with yoga positions and

Blog tour: A Notable Omission

Welcome to the book tour for A Notable Omission  by Isabella Muir and enjoy the special treat I have for you: a Q&A with the author! Hi Isabella! First of all, I would like to congratulate you on the publication of A Notable Omission ! Can you please briefly tell us what it is about? A: A Notable Omission is the fourth novel in the Janie Juke series and here we meet Janie at the start of a new decade - 1970. When we left Janie at the end of The Invisible Case she was enjoying her new found skills and success as an amateur sleuth. Here we meet her a few months later, stealing a few days away from being a wife and mother, attending a local conference at Sussex University, on the topic of women's liberation, to do some soul-searching. But before long Janie and her friend, reporter Libby Frobisher, are thrust into the heart of another mystery when one of the conference delegates goes missing… Did you have the plot entirely figured out when you started writing the book or did it t

Blog tour: Death at Crookham Hall

Welcome to the blog tour for Death at Crookham Hall by Michelle Salter! More about the book… London, 1920. When she catches news of a big story, reporter Iris Woodmore rushes to the House of Commons. But it’s a place that holds painful memories. In 1914, her mother died there when she fell into the River Thames during a daring suffragette protest. But in the shadow of Big Ben, a waterman tells Iris her mother didn’t fall – she jumped. Iris discovers that the suffragette with her mother that fateful day has been missing for years, disappearing just after the protest. Desperate to know the truth behind the fatal jump, Iris’s investigation leads her to Crookham Hall, an ancestral home where secrets and lies lead to murder… More about the author… Michelle Salter is a historical crime fiction writer based in northeast Hampshire. Many local locations appear in her mystery novels. She's also a copywriter and has written features for national magazines. When she’s not writing, Michelle ca

Blog tour: The Things That We Lost

Welcome to the blog tour for The Things That We Lost by Jyoti Patel! More about the book… This moving coming of age story explores what it means to be a person of colour in Britain today, discussing themes of identity and the stories that we tell ourselves to manage trauma. Nik yearns to know more about his father, who died before he was born. His mother, Avani, held hostage by her guilt surrounding his death, refuses to share any information with her son. Nik is forced to create a fragmented image of his father, pulled together from hushed whispers at family gatherings and photos stolen from his mother’s bedroom. When his grandfather dies, secrets are revealed, and everything Nik thinks he knows about his father is turned on its head. Nik makes it his mission to discover the truth about his father and the circumstances of his death, uncovering painful truths in the process. The Things That We Lost is a beautifully tender exploration of family, loss, and the lengths we go to, to prot