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Book reviews for Christmas ideas

Do you want to impress your family and friends with a beautiful coffee table book? Or maybe you want to treat yourself with one of those hardbacks that are a pleasure just to hold in your hands? Quadrille Publishing has something perfect for you! The recently published Wallpaper: The Ultimate Guide , written by Charlotte Abrahams, is a source of inspiration for whoever is interested in the history and development of interior design. In 256 pages divided into three sections – namely Architectural Illusions, Fabulous Florals and Pasted Pictures – the author answers all the questions you might have. What are the origins of each particular style? In what way can I use wallpaper to create a specific effect? Who are the leading designers and manufacturers? Where can I buy the wallpaper featured in the book? Ranging from contemporary to classic designs, the overall 250 full-colour photographs are truly spectacular and the 150 full-page reproductions of wallpapers printed in Hexachrome® for th