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Book review: The Woman in Black

By Susan Hill Published by Profile Books Since reading The Small Hand by Susan Hill last year, her more famous ghost story, The Woman in Black , shot to the top of my reading list. Now that I’ve read it, ghost story sounds so diminishing that I’d rather describe it as a supernatural masterpiece. Before starting the book, I made the mistake of watching the trailer of the film of the same name starring Daniel Radcliffe that came out this year. I call it a mistake because that one minute and forty-one seconds scared me beyond imagination. So much, in fact, that I refused to do any reading after dusk – just in case! The Woman in Black opens in the winter of 1920. Arthur Kipps is sitting around the fireplace with his family when he is prompted to tell them a ghost story. Upset, he leaves the room. Ghost stories are not a laughing matter so he later sets out to write a memoir narrating the dreadful events that marked his life forever. That’s how we step back in time and we travel with Arth

Books through my lens #22

Virginia Woolf's country retreat at Monk's House , Rodmell, Sussex