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Blog tour: The Last White Man

Welcome to the blog tour for The Last White Man by Mohsin Hamid! More about the book… One morning, Anders wakes to find that his skin has turned dark, his reflection a stranger to him. At first he tells only Oona, an old friend, newly a lover. Soon, reports of similar occurrences surface across the land. Some see in the transformations the long-dreaded overturning of an established order, to be resisted to a bitter end. In many, like Anders's father and Oona's mother, a sense of profound loss wars with profound love. As the bond between Anders and Oona deepens, change takes on a different shading: a chance to see one another, face to face, anew. More about the author… Mohsin Hamid is the author of four novels -- Moth Smoke, The Reluctant Fundamentalist, How to Get Filthy Rich in Rising Asia , and Exit West -- and a book of essays, Discontent and Its Civilizations. His writing has been translated into forty languages, featured on bestseller lists, and adapted for the cinema.

Blog tour: Dreams in a Jar

Welcome to the blog tour for Dreams in a Jar by Kate Staves! What if you could keep a little piece of your dreams to hold on to forever? ​Put on your very best pyjamas and get ready for a magical journey through the land of dreams, collecting trinkets and souvenirs as we go! ​The beautiful – and appropriately dreamy – illustrations by Karen Bunting and the fun, rhyming text by Kate Staves seamlessly combine to create another gorgeous book to be enjoyed by children and adults alike… although the adults might have to pretend that they’re reading it to their little humans! Dreams in a Jar makes for a great bedtime story and we even used it as inspiration for our own collection of bits and bobs in a jar! More about the book… In this story, a flower isn’t just a flower…it’s a pixie hat! A rusty old bolt isn’t just a rusty old bolt…it’s a piece of a rocket ship that blasted past a star! Let’s collect up all of these precious treasures together and keep them somewhere safe…I know, how about

Blog tour: Such a Good Mother

Welcome to the blog tour for Such a Good Mother by Helen Monks Takhar! More about the book… Rose O’Connell aspires to be the perfect mother. And when she receives an unexpected invitation into The Circle, an elite clique of beautiful, wealthy and connected mums at her son’s exclusive school, it seems her dreams are about to come true. Every mother would kill for an invitation, and once she joins, Rose’s social status soars. But what is each woman hiding beneath her immaculate exterior? Why did a previous member take their own life? And why have they singled out unassuming Rose to take her place? Rose is about to find out that darkness lies at the heart of The Circle. And it’s far too late to run… More about the author… Helen worked as a journalist, copywriter and magazine editor having graduated from Cambridge, she began her career writing for financial trade newspapers before contributing to UK national newspapers including The Times and The Observer. Born in Southport, Merseyside, s

Blog tour: Only Hummingbirds Fly Backwards

Welcome to the blog tour for Only Hummingbirds Fly Backwards by Rosie Parker! More about the book… Ronnie and Jake are twins – obviously not identical, but close as. They even have that twin intuition thing going on. Ronnie lives with her soon-to-be husband Gerry and new-born baby, and Jake is happily married with two daughters. One sunny April day, he hops onto somebody else’s motorbike to ride home when a horrific crash leaves him lying brain injured on the road. On hearing the news Ronnie rushes to Jake’s bedside. Having once been a physiotherapist, she knows it’s bad, and her life threatens to crack apart as she begs him to return to her. Fifteen months later, it’s suggested by Jake’s wife that the two families go away to Brittany, France, on holiday. But surely, it’s too soon, thinks Ronnie. The tensions and events which follow threaten to rock both Ronnie’s marriage and her relationship with her sister-in-law, as she tries to reach Jake. And when secrets from their past begin to

Book review: Arms Around Frank Richardson

Having loved A Little Hope by Ethan Joella, it was suggested that I should read Arms Around Frank Richardson by Sylvia Colley, and I am glad that I followed up on this book recommendation. At the heart of the novel is one question: How can your family shape the person you are going to be and your future? The answer is for the reader to find with the help of a beautiful prose, three well-developed characters and an evocative sense of time and place. The impact of childhood trauma is not an easy subject, but it is handled here in what appears to be an effortlessly delicate way. More about the book… The impact of childhood trauma reverberates into the grown-up worlds of Frank, Alice and Henry – children from three very different families suffering the fall-out from their early life. Frank, a working-class boy abused by his mum’s boyfriend and fiercely protective of his younger sister; Alice, physically disabled and fragile and Henry, the less clever son of high-flying parents unable to c