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Book review: The Phone Box at the Edge of the World

By Laura Imai Messina Translated from the Italian by Lucy Rand Published by Manilla Press Synopsis: When Yui loses her mother and daughter in the tsunami, she wonders how she will ever carry on. Yet, in the face of this unthinkable loss, life must somehow continue. Then one day she hears about a man who has an old disused telephone box in his garden. There, those who have lost loved ones find the strength to speak to them and begin to come to terms with their grief. As news of the phone box spreads, people travel to it from miles around. Soon Yui makes her own pilgrimage to the phone box, too. But once there she cannot bring herself to speak into the receiver. Then she finds Takeshi, a bereaved husband whose own daughter has stopped talking in the wake of their loss. How did this book end up in my hands? I read this novel twice. Once in Italian (original title:  Quel che affidiamo al vento ) and once in its English translation. The English version of the book was provided to me by the