"Italy in Books" - Who's participating?

Here is a list of all the readers who have signed up to take part in the "Italy in Books" reading challenge 2011.

If your name is listed below, a huge thank you for signing up! I look forward to sharing reading experiences and talking about books and Italy with you in the New Year!

If your name is not listed... go and sign up now! You can register here and find out what it is all about here. And if you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment and I'll reply asap.

01. Jeane from Dublin, Ireland
02. Julie from Teignmouth, UK
03. Monica from Venice, Italy
04. Emma from Brighton, UK
05. Shelley from Preston, UK

06. Betsy from Maryland, USA

07. Denise from Eltham, UK

08. Lara from Milazzo, Italy

09. Mark from Ferrara, Italy

10. Beth from New York State, USA

11. Lucy from Edinburgh, UK

12. Juliet from Edinburgh, UK

13. Ceil from Illinois, USA

14. Luci from London, UK

15. Dorla from Texas, USA

16. Kathy from California, USA

17. Stuart from Brimington, UK

18. Patricia from California, USA

19. Robert from Sydney, Australia

20. Parrish from Thanet, UK

21. Bellezza from Illinois, USA

22. Laura from Ontario, Canada

23. Packabook from London, UK

24. Elizabeth from Thatcham, UK

25. MJ from Pennsylvania, USA

26. Christine from New York, USA

27. Roger from Illinois, USA

28. Laura from ??

29. Barbara from California, USA

30. Mary Jo from Washington, USA

31. Darla from the USA

32. Amy from Washington, USA

33. Lisa from North Carolina, USA

34. Cath from Southport, UK

35. BJ from North Carolina, USA

36. Lindy from Viterbo, Italy

37. Roz from South Carolina,
38. Pete from Cambridge, UK

39. Una Scribbles from ??

40. Nina from New York, USA

41. Scribacchina from Italy & Portugal

42. Colleen from Dunedin, New Zealand

43. Beth from Illinois, USA

44. Lynn from Texas, USA

45. Coffee and a Book Chick from Florida, USA

46. Gretchen from Indiana, USA

47. Engred from Oregon, USA

48. Roberta from Varese, Italy

49. Laura from Quebec, Canada

50. Mary from New York, USA

51. Christy from Texas, USA

52. History and Women from Alberta, Canada

53. Jose from Madrid, Spain

54. Angela from New York, USA

55. Tina Marie from Florida, USA

56. Ania from Gdańsk, Poland

57. Samantha Jo from Texas, USA

58. Reva from ??

59. Sue from Aylesbury, UK

60. Maggie from St. Marcouf du Rochy, France
61. Hilda from North Carolina, USA
62. Angela from New York, USA


  1. OOoooh seven! We need more!!!!! :-)

  2. Emilee, how great that you are participating. Shall we manage to keep it out of GR??? NO!!!!! :-)

  3. heard about this challenge from Stu (winstonsdad) and liked the idea of it, so have joined.

  4. Have signed up for this ( twice) & posted on my blog, complete with button. But can't find my name on the list, can you let me know if I need to do it again

  5. A few days ago I left you a comment with a link to my post about this challenge, and thought that was enough as a sign-up. I need to read instructions more closely :P Apparently you didn't even get my comment :( I signed up now through your form and hope you get this comment too! Nice challenge, anyway!

  6. Ok, apparently you don't get my comments (maybe marked as spam?) with my WP account, so I'll try to leave one with the Blogger account, although it will not link to my book blog but to my other blog :(
    I tried to sign up, I hope it worked, please let me know!

  7. Hello and welcome to Parrish and Scribacchina! All comments have to be approved before appearing on the website and I've recently been away a few times with no web access. I will now catch up with all your messages!


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