Help! My wish list #5

One more title from my long reading wish list.

** The cover image is for illustrative purposes only. If you are a publisher and would kindly like to offer me a copy of this book for review, I will change the cover so as to reflect the edition received. **

The Private Lives of Pippa Lee
By Rebecca Miller

Borders product description: What part of our selves do we hide away in order to have a stable, prosperous life? Pippa Lee has just such a life in place at age fifty, when her older husband, a retired publisher, decides that they should move to a retirement community outside New York City. Pippa is suddenly deprived of the stimulation and distraction that had held everything in place. She begins losing track of her own mind; her foundations start to shudder, and gradually we learn the truth of the young life that led her finally to settle down in marriage -- years of neglect and rebellion, wild transgressions and powerful defiance. The Private Lives of Pippa Lee is the study of a brave, curious, multilayered woman -- an acutely intelligent portrait of the many lives behind a single name.

Why I want to read this book: I really liked the film! If it's based on a book I'm interested in, I normally watch a movie after having read the book. In this case, I became interested in the book after watching the film. Given my short memory (I have already forgotten how the story ends!), it won't make much difference that I've seen the film already!


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