1 month, 100 books: Getting ready to read

By @liveotherwise:

So January the 1st is racing towards us, and we're getting ready for our book reading and reviewing challenge. I hadn't realised how much preparation we would need to do, and I've been thrilled with the response from publishers and others on Twitter. Parcels of books have started to filter through the Christmas backlog, and that's led to its own set of problems, as Small just can't wait to get his hands on them!

He's been preparing by devouring his Christmas novel, which he's polished off in 4 days. He's going to have to read a little faster than that though, if he's going to hit his target of 10 books in a month. Has to be said though, that Alien Storm by A G Taylor is not a small book for a 7 year old.

Big is fairly confident with the reading, but a little nervous about the reviews. We started a book review website back in the summer, but never got as far as actually publishing it *blush*. That has to change, and its our New Year's Eve project to get it shipshape and ready and waiting for reviews to go live, as she's got a personal target of 10 books too.

My pile is stacking up nicely. What I'm wondering is where I'm going to find the time to fit in 20 books in 30 days. Especially as I've got the reviewing and the publicising to do too. I think my Twitter time may be adversely impacted...

Most of the books I'll be reading are your traditional paper and ink versions, but I have got a couple of ebooks to read too. Seems only fair to keep up with technology given I'm using it to promote the challenge. I'm a bit nervous about whether I've bitten off more than I can chew, but the level of support means I'm more determined than ever to succeed and
raise some serious money to build an Oxfam Unwrapped library somewhere that doesn't have the facilities we take for granted. I'm hoping that we can find out some more about projects that have already taken place and share some more information on mine and other blogs.

I'm also hoping that other people will take up the challenge to read and raise money. I'll be contributing cash for each book we read myself, but I'm (obviously) hoping that a few of my many challengers will do likewise, and either read or donate, or both. With a bit of luck I'll be running some giveaways as well, but I'm open to any suggestions anyone has as to how else I can use this challenge and this time to fundraise.

And now, if you'll excuse me, I have several pages to write and a whole book review blog to get ready - do keep reading, and let us know what you think of what we're up to. We love comments!


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