Jeanette Winterson reads Italo Calvino

This is such perfect timing!

To celebrate my "Italy in Books" reading challenge 2011,
Jeanette Winterson has kindly agreed to read The Night Driver, a short story written in 1967 by the famous Italo Calvino.

OK, maybe that's just wishful thinking! Jeanette Winterson is simply one of the authors taking part in the Guardian's podcast to introduce their favourite short story by another writer.

I believe that the English version is a translation from the Italian by William Weaver and it begins like this:

As soon as I am outside the city I realize night has fallen. I turn on my headlights.

So click here, sit back, close your eyes and enjoy the drive...


  1. I must remember to listen to this, I am a great fan of both Calvino and Winterson!

  2. I didn't know this short story and have highly enjoyed it. So much that it made me want to read Calvino's other short stories too. Very nice chat with Jeanette Winterson at the end of the podcast too. Happy listening!


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