Blind Date with a Book #3

Another week, another appointment with Blind Date with a Book Thursday, a new weekly tradition initiated by Ebru from Ebs And Her Reads.
The rules are simple:

You choose a book --> You write a few clues that will help people identify it --> You ask people to guess the title of the book, including the bloggers that have inspired you to join --> You later reveal the identity of the book

Ready? Here we go…
  • I was published in 2010
  • I was written by a female British writer
  • I am set between Brighton and London… at one point quite literally, on a train between the two cities
  • I introduce you to three women with their own strengths and issues
  • I warn you: someone dies… but not necessarily one of these women
  • I show you how everything can change in an instant
  • I will make you cry. A lot…
Any guesses? Leave your answers in the comments below and come back tomorrow morning to find out if you were right. You can also share your guesses on Twitter and don’t forget to invite your friends to join in the game. The more, the merrier!


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