Book review: A Sticky Note Guide to Life

By Chaz Hutton
Published by Harper Collins

I must be completely honest and admit that - when this book first landed in my hands as part of a surprise non-fiction book bundle I won a few weeks ago - I wasn’t thrilled.

I like reading books that I can lose myself into and - with its illustrations on sticky notes and short comments - this didn’t look like one of them.

I couldn’t have been more wrong!

In the introduction, the author warns that ‘there is actually very little good advice to be found anywhere within this pages’. He is right, make no mistake, but this book is even better than good advice.

The simple and catchy illustrations show an accurate and deep understanding of the society we live in, as well as ruthlessly revealing our flaws and idiosyncrasies. The added comments below each drawing then add an extra layer that makes them even more hilarious.

I found myself laughing out loud every couple of pages and I just had to share my favourites with my wife, who patiently listened to me even though she had already enjoyed this book when it first arrived!

I had originally thought this would be a book I would dip in and out of for some time. Instead, I finished it all in one sitting… and I suspect I will get back to it again and again.

If I may recommend something non-book related, this loose leaf tea from Chi Trading is absolutely delicious. Part of the Brighton Signature Range, it is evocatively named Pavilion Gardens and is a blend of berries and hibiscus blossoms with an exquisite smell both before and after brewing.

Good books and good tea – such are the pleasures of life!


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