Book review: The Second Child

Caroline Bond’s debut novel, The Second Child, will be published on March 22nd by Corvus Books but I was lucky enough to receive a proof to read ahead of this date.

What can I say about it? You’re in for a treat!

The Second Child is about families and the bonds that keep them together. The book opens with Sarah and Phil waiting for a geneticist’s results. ‘Mr Berill knows our future because he has looked into our past’ is my favourite quote from the first chapter, where these doting parents find out that their teenage daughter, Lauren, is not their biological child. Two questions come immediately to mind… Whose child is Lauren? Where is their biological daughter?

The questions that this book attempts to answer are many more. How do you cope with life-changing truths? Is truth always the best course of action? What are families? What makes us the persons we are? Are our relationships as strong as we think they are?

The Second Child is an emotional rollercoaster. I smiled, cried, felt sad, happy, confused, hopeful and frustrated. I sympathised and took sides. I felt annoyed with different characters at different times and later understood where they were coming from. Near the end, I sat on the edge of my seat wondering where it was all going. As much as this novel draws you in, it is never predictable.

I liked the short chapters, which are well suited to a multiple narration technique. Having multiple points of view can sometimes feel disorientating but the various voices come together beautifully to create a coherent harmony. I only wish we could have had an inner glimpse into James’s experience as loyal brother to Lauren and new brother to Rosie.

Caroline Bond has already been compared to Jodi Picoult. I can see why but, comparisons aside, she has her own unique voice and is definitely one to watch. I, for one, am already looking forward to her second book.

While you wait for publication day, why not read an interview with the author here? Enjoy!


  1. Ohh this sounds an iteresting read! I loved Jodi Picoult books years ago (haven't read any of heres recently) loved the twists and turns, this sound like it would be right up my street


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