Valentine's Day book review: Committed

Happy Valentine's Day, book lovers!

Today I am recommending a book that I enjoyed reading last year in the run-up to my wedding: Committed by Elizabeth Gilbert.

I found this lovely second-hand paperback in the cosy Berliner Büchertisch while I was in Berlin for a friend's wedding.

Having loved Eat Pray Love, I knew the moment I saw this book that it was going to come back to England with me so the fact that the title incorporated 'A Love Story' didn't seal the deal. I have however seen that replaced with 'A Sceptic Makes Peace with Marriage' in other editions and I am not sure that I would have felt the same enthusiasm if that version had landed in my hands instead.

Whether you're in love, in love with the idea of being in love, single, courting, engaged, married, divorced or what not, I would whole-heartedly recommend you read this collection of honest introspection and well-pondered reflections on the meaning of marriage.

I knew before I bought this book that the marriage she was preparing for had already ended but this knowledge didn't diminish the magic that Elizabeth Gilbert is able to conjure up when she puts pen to paper.


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