Help! My wish list #8

One more title from my long reading wish list.

** The cover image is for illustrative purposes only. If you are a publisher and would kindly like to offer me a copy of this book for review, I will change the cover so as to reflect the edition received. **

The Lace Reader
By Brunonia Barry

Amazon’s product description: Drawn by family. Driven by fear. Haunted by fate. Would knowing the future be a gift or a burden? Or even a curse!? The Whitney women of Salem, Massachusetts are renowned for reading the future in the patterns of lace. But the future doesn't always bring good news -- as Towner Whitney knows all too well. When she was just fifteen her gift sent her whole world crashing to pieces. She predicted -- and then witnessed -- something so horrific that she vowed never to read lace again, and fled her home and family for good. Salem is a place of ghosts for Towner, and she swore she would never return. Yet family is a powerful tie and fifteen years later, Towner finds herself back in Salem. Her beloved great-aunt Eva has suddenly disappeared -- and when you've lived a life like Eva's, that could mean real trouble. But Salem is wreathed in sickly shadows and whispered half-memories. It's fast becoming clear that the ghosts of Towner's fractured past have not been brought fully into the light. And with them comes the threat of terrifying new disaster.

Why I want to read this book: I like the title and the book could be pretty much about anything and I would still want to read it! Sometimes I am really shallow!


  1. I love the title too but the summary is already freaking me out! My fantasy is active too easily.

  2. I've had this one on my shelf for ages! I was thinking about picking up last time, but I might read it next!

  3. Jeane, don't mind your imagination! It does sound like a good book!

    K, please share your thoughts once you've read it!

  4. I'm about to close the computer down and start reading, keep an eye on my blog for the review!


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