Help! My wish list #6

Two more titles from my rapidly growing reading wish list.

** The cover images are for illustrative purposes only. If you are a publisher and would kindly like to offer me a copy of any of these books for review, I will change the cover(s) so as to reflect the edition received. **

Just Take You Coat Off: A lesbian Life
By Barbara Bell

From The daughter of a mill worker in Lancashire, Barbara Bell had her lesbian 'initiation' the year after Radclyffe Hall's The Well Of Loneliness (1928). Since then, she has never had the time to be lonely. [...] Barbara Bell here tells the full story of her extraordinary life and times.

Truly Wilde: The Unsettling Story of Dolly Wilde, Oscar's Unusual Niece
By Joan Schenkar

Amazon's product description:
Born a scant three months after her uncle Oscar's notorious arrest, raised in the shadow of the greatest scandal of the turn of the twentieth century, Dolly Wilde attracted people of taste and talent wherever she went. Brilliantly witty, charged with charm, a "born writer," she drenched her prodigious talents in liquids, burnt up her opportunities in flamboyant affairs, and died as she lived-repeating her uncle's history of excess, collapse, and ruin. In this biography, Joan Schenkar has created both a captivating portrait of Dolly and a cultural history of Natalie Clifford Barney's remarkable Parisian salon-frequented by Janet Flanner, Mina Loy, Djuna Barnes-in which she shone so brightly.

Why I want to read these books: I am very interested in learning about the lives of gay women in other decades - if not centuries. It is always an opportunity to think about how much (or little) progress has been made over the years.


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