Book review: Ascension + competition

By Victor Dixen
Translated from the French by Daniel Hahn
Published by Hot Key Books

Synopsis: Six girls, six boys. Each in the two separate bays of a single spaceship. They have six minutes each week to seduce and to make their choices, under the unblinking eye of the on-board cameras. They are the contenders in the Genesis programme, the world's craziest speed-dating show ever, aimed at creating the first human colony on Mars.

Leonor, an 18 year old orphan, is one of the chosen ones.
She has signed up for glory.
She has signed up for love.
She has signed up for a one-way ticket.
Even if the dream turns to a nightmare, it is too late for regrets.

How did this book end up in my hands? I won a copy of this book ahead of its publication date. I didn’t pay enough attention at the time and I wasn’t aware that this is the first book in a trilogy. It wouldn’t have stopped me from wanting it but I might have waited to read it closer to the publication date of the second book in the series.

Was it a page-turner? Absolutely. Every time I picked up this book, I then had to force myself to put it down again. A few late nights were had reading it – and I am renowned for being the opposite of a night owl!

Having read the synopsis, did the book meet my expectations? I don’t remember many other books exceeding my expectations in such a glorious way. This book has stolen my heart and I’m not sure how I will cope until I can get my hands on the second book in the trilogy.

Did I like the ending? [no spoilers] I loved it. Not predictable. Fair. Enough of a cliff-hanger to want to read what comes next.

Three words to describe it. Intriguing. Original. Contemporary.

Do I like the cover? It’s a lovely cover, yes. Also gorgeous are the graphics used to publicise the 4th book in the French series, like this one. (I know, how can it be a trilogy with four books… we’ll find out!).

Have I read any other books by the same author? No, and I can’t wait to join the Cupido colony ship again in October!

Will I be recommending this book? Yes! Read it! It has adventure, intrigue, romance, friendship, space travel… it’s a YA novel but I loved it as an adult.

Anything else? Yes! You can win a signed copy of this book by following me on Twitter and retweeting the competition post by 02/09. UK only. Comments left below will count as extra entries (one per person). Good luck!


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