We need to talk about books! #14

This week I have the pleasure of catching up with Satou Johns from Inkish Kingdoms, where he writes about books. He also likes sharing his reading habits and talking with his followers on any possible media!

Are your bookshelves a ‘work in progress’ like mine or are they clearly and systematically organised? 

I am not an organized person... at all… (depending on what I do… I might). I have seen people sorting their books by colours and authors… but I just put them all on a shelf as they fit because it got bent… haha so I keep no specific order. I, however, have a “wall shelf” where I display the books that I will be reading in 2018!

Apart from books, what is to be found on your bookshelves?

Mangas… and funkopops… and Pokemons… and important mementos of special people. Not too many though, I don't want to be buried in books… or do I? Hmmm

How do you feel about lending books to friends?

Oh this one is tricky… I do lend books but only to really good and close friends… they have to sign a blood contract though… but all normal and no unbreakable vows… hmmm or should I implement that?? *Gets quiet thinking about the possibilities*

Are you a ‘spine bender’ or do you like your spines to be pristine?

I cannot deal with a bent spine! It tears me from the inside out! I was “sad” when I realized that I had bent the spine of my copy of The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern a little… (the why-me-god-what-have-I-done-to-offend-thee kind of sad).

Do you write in books, do you use sticky notes for your comments or something like that?

I do not do any of those… I open a doc on my phone and I take notes there: simple and environmentally friendly!

Have you ever read or started reading a book only to realise that you had already read it?

I am like 7 years old in this reading world so I haven't read that much for that to have happened.

What is the prettiest book to be found in your current TBR pile?

I love my Spanish versions of Games of Thrones! But I think that the most beautiful books I have are my versions of Lord of The Rings and Wicked.

Do you take a book with you whenever you go out, just in case?

Oh I do! I am always carrying a book… or my Kindle! One has to be ready! Where I live there are usually a lot of traffic jams… so I am always prepared!

Do you tend to re-read books?

I have never re-read a book… well… I never finished The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan but then I decided to read it completely this time and I did… but I am not sure if that counts.

If you were to write a book, what genre would it be?

Some sort of dark sci-fi social criticism kind of book… something heavy full of allusions, allegories and deep messages. Something like The Handmaid's Tale by Margaret Atwood but not exactly like that.

And that was my last question for you. Thank you so much for joining me today!

If you'd like to connect with Inkish Kingdoms, Satou will be happy to chat to you on the following channels:

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  1. Thank you so much for such a great interview! I loved to be part of this post and be in your blog! I am super excited and I have shared this with everybody! Thank you very much again!


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