Book review: Howard’s End is on the Landing

By Susan Hill
Published by Profile Books

One day, British novelist Susan Hill, went browsing her bookshelves in search of a specific book. She didn’t find it. What she found was a world of books that she had loved and wanted to re-read, books that she had yet to read and books that she had even forgotten she owned.

This discovery led to her decision to not buy or otherwise acquire any new books for a whole year, which she would spend reading or re-reading those that she already possessed. In her words: “A year of reading from home”.

I was first attracted to Howard’s End is on the Landing by the brightly-coloured book spines that grace its cover, designed by Peter Dyer. Having spent years unsuccessfully pledging to stop purchasing new books until I’ve read all the ones that are patiently waiting on my shelves, I was also curious to learn how it is done. That, I didn’t learn! On the contrary, I enjoyed Hill’s opinions and suggestions so much that I ended up adding lots of titles to my wish list.

If you think that reading about reading books is not your cup of tea, think twice. Far from being a mere list of novels and authors, Howard’s End is on the Landing is rich in amusing anecdotes from the novelist’s personal and professional life and thoughts on a number of issues dear to booklovers. For example, what is the best way to organise your bookshelves? What do you think about the habit of writing on the margins?

Depending on your reading background, this “literary memoir” will be dearly familiar or excitingly new. Either way, it is definitely worth a read!


  1. It is a lovely book I read it last year and loved it ,all the best stu


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