Book review: SEW!

By Cath Kidston
Published by Quadrille

Aimed to both new and existing adepts of sewing, the new book by the famous designer Cath Kidston is a mine of ideas to create lovely accessories.

The book, which also contains the material necessary to make the bag pictured on the cover, will impress you with its modern and fresh lay-out and its lively colours. Starting with a basics section covering all you need to know about essential sewing equipment and techniques, Kidston then presents 41 projects – with 7 related templates – that can be turned into much appreciated gifts for friends and family. From cushions to aprons, from mobiles to purses, every project is helpfully rated according to the skill level required and is provided with a list of the equipment needed and tips. The instructions are clearly outlined and are accompanied by beautifully arranged photographs by Pia Tryde, which contribute to the elegant yet simple look of the book.

A book that is not only useful but also a pleasure to browse and look at.


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