Event review: Aladdin, the musical

Let’s start with my sins: I’ve never watched the Disney film Aladdin and all I knew about the story was that it somehow involved a genie and a flying carpet.

I remember sitting at the Prince Edward Theatre in London a few weeks ago – waiting for the show to start – and seeing the horrified look on my wife’s face as I owned up to my utter ignorance of what was about to happen on stage.

But you know what? I am almost glad of it because I didn’t have any expectations at all and I was able to enjoy every minute of the musical without comparing it to anything I had previously seen.

Trust me, you don’t want to be sitting here reading my words: what you really want to do is book tickets!

From the singing to the dancing - everything was simply amazing. The story: moving, funny and dreamy. The set and the costumes - glitzy, glamorous and glittery.

I only had a minor disagreement with the feminist in my head, who thought that Princess Jasmine’s clothing didn’t need to be so skimpy and was a little disappointed that her feisty personality lasted all of five minutes… but the feminist in my head didn’t choose this musical… I did and I loved it!

Trevor Dion Nicholas and his voice absolutely blew me away. This was his West End debut according to the musical’s website and I am definitely looking forward to seeing him on stage again.

To tell you the truth, I wouldn’t mind watching Aladdin again!


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