A rose for love and a book forever!

Today, Barcelona and the whole of Catalonia celebrate el dia de la rosa y del llibre by exchanging gifts of… you guessed correctly: books and roses… ‘a rose for love and a book forever’! Forget Valentine’s Day: this is the most romantic celebration of love for bookworms!

On this day I present to you hand-made paper roses* and a heart-warming little book by Jojo Moyes: Paris for One. Part of the QuickReads collections, it is a delightful short story about love. Not necessarily romantic love – although that’s a bonus – but love for yourself and your dreams.

Meet Nell and Fabien – the former English and yet to come out of her shell, the latter French and in need of rediscovering the proverbial joie de vivre. Follow them through the beautiful Paris, which is here a third main character in its own right, and root for them as they help each other find that je ne sais quoi that makes life more interesting.

In less than 100 pages, Jojo Moyes created three-dimensional characters who seamlessly mo…

Book review: Turning + competition

By Jessica J. Lee
Published by Virago Press

Synopsis: At the age of twenty-eight, Jessica Lee, who grew up in Canada and lived in London, finds herself in Berlin. Alone. Lonely, with lowered spirits thanks to some family history and a broken heart, she is there, ostensibly, to write a thesis. And though that is what she does daily, what increasingly occupies her is swimming. So she makes a decision that she believes will win her back her confidence and independence: she will swim fifty-two of the lakes around Berlin, no matter what the weather or season. She is aware that this particular landscape is not without its own ghosts and history.

This is the story of a beautiful obsession: of the thrill of a still, turquoise lake, of cracking the ice before submerging, of floating under blue skies, of tangled weeds and murkiness, of cool, fresh, spring swimming - of facing past fears of near drowning and of breaking free.

When she completes her year of swimming Jessica finds she has new strength…

Books through my lens #33

There are so many reasons why I love this photo!

For a start, it's a book stand! It sells books! Apart from the obvious, however, I like how the colours create such harmonious balance... the yellow, the green, the blue... oh, it's all so perfect!

Assuming that this is the fixed location of this gorgeous book stand, in 2016 it was located next to the wonderful Metropolitan Ervin Szabo Library in Budapest.

Blind Date Book Reveal #3

Welcome back to Blind Date With a Book Thursday… even if it’s Friday morning!

Thank you all for joining in the fun and sharing your guesses on Twitter or on the blog. I hope you enjoyed yourselves!

A quick look at the clues:
I was published in 2010I was written by a female British writerI am set between Brighton and London… at one point quite literally, on a train between the two citiesI introduce you to three women with their own strengths and issuesI warn you: someone dies… but not necessarily one of these womenI show you how everything can change in an instantI will make you cry. A lot…Any last-minute guesses? No? Ok, here we go…
This week’s book was… One Moment, One Morning by Sarah Rayner. I read it back in 2010 and I still hold it very close to my heart. I have recommended to anyone who would listen and I bought it for a few friends. To read more about the book and what I thought of it, please click here.
I hope to see you next week for some more fun!

Blind Date with a Book #3

Another week, another appointment with Blind Date with a Book Thursday, a new weekly tradition initiated by Ebru from Ebs And Her Reads.
The rules are simple:
You choose a book --> You write a few clues that will help people identify it --> You ask people to guess the title of the book, including the bloggers that have inspired you to join --> You later reveal the identity of the book
Ready? Here we go… I was published in 2010 I was written by a female British writer I am set between Brighton and London… at one point quite literally, on a train between the two cities I introduce you to three women with their own strengths and issues I warn you: someone dies… but not necessarily one of these women I show you how everything can change in an instant I will make you cry. A lot… Any guesses? Leave your answers in the comments below and come back tomorrow morning to find out if you were right. You can also share your guesses on Twitter and don’t forget to invite your friends to join in the g…

Happy Publication Day to...

Please join me in congratulating Erin Niimi Longhurst, a Japanese/British food, art and travel blogger, on her first book, Japonisme, published today by Harper Collins.

The elegance of the simple illustration and the texture of the hardback cover speak of the attention to detail and the traditional values that inspired the creation of this beautiful lifestyle guide.

I haven't spent a lot of time with this book yet but I already feel that it will be a great companion in the months to come - as I intend to savour it in small morsels.

We need to talk about books! #5

This week I have the pleasure of catching up with Aimee from Aimee, Always, where she writes about anything and everything about young adult books - from book reviews, to discussions, to lists, and much more!

Are your bookshelves a ‘work in progress’ like mine or are they clearly and systematically organised? Tell us a little bit about your method if you have one.

Oh, they’re definitely a work in progress! I used to have them arranged this way: paperbacks in one shelf, hardcovers in another, and then sorted by favourites. Now, since I don’t have enough space for all my books, my shelves are double-stacked and have zero organization whatsoever.

Apart from books, what is to be found on your bookshelves?

I leave my everyday school needs on my shelves for easy access: my ID, my necktie, my wallet, and my hair ties.

What is the prettiest book to be found in your current TBR pile?

This is a super tough question. ??!?!?!?!

What do you do with books once you’ve read them?

I keep all of them! I can’t…