Booknet: a new platform for authors and readers

‘Ooooh, what is Booknet?’ I hear you ask…

Booknet is a popular literary social media network, self-publishing platform, and Bookscription eBook sales model, all of which is being introduced to the UK following rapid growth in Latin America and Eastern Europe since 2015.

How does it work?

Booknet is both a successful literary self-publishing platform and a social network, founded by Ukrainian entrepreneurs in 2015. Booknet has gained significant traction in countries such as Ukraine, Russia (the Russian division was sold in the spring of 2022 because of the war between Ukraine and Russia), as well as Latin America. The company is now actively investing resources into the development of its English-language version.

Authors can either publish their books with free access by readers, or sell them after obtaining commercial status through the platform. Booknet provides free advertising for eBooks sold by their authors on the platform. Booknet’s distinctive features (apart from being a popular platform for the sale of completed eBooks) is its unique book-selling model - Bookscription - that enables authors to earn money while writing, long before their books are completed.

During the process, authors can get feedback about their books (some of the books collect thousands of reader comments), as well as communicate with the readers in author’s blogs. Over time, the authors build their own readership and network within For example, on the English-language Booknet, Ashleh Queen is a popular author. More than 38,000 readers added her book ‘Contract Marriage’ to their libraries, and three years after its release the title remains a bestseller on the Booknet website. Another example is ‘His Dancer (Dark Romance)’ by Kathleen Hayat, which has seen more than 7,800 readers add the title to their libraries.

For readers of eBooks, instead, Booknet works as a novel and fun way to discover and engage with authors, read books in genres they love, and be part of a literary social network. Readers can choose to read free books, books that have been completed, or via Bookscription.

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