Blind Date Book Reveal #1

Welcome back to Blind Date With a Book Thursday!
Thank you all for joining in the fun and sharing your guesses on Twitter or on the blog. I hope you enjoyed yourselves!
A quick look at the clues:
  • I was published in 2015
  • I was written by a female British writer
  • I am set in England and Ireland but the States make a brief appearance too
  • I have a dual narrative – I’m set partly just before England declares war on Germany in 1939 and partly in the 1970s
  • I am about love – mostly. Some people put me in the ‘historical romance’ box
  • Domestic violence is one of my themes
  • Among my pages you find mean nuns in a convent, a little like in the film Philomena
Any last-minute guesses? No? Ok, here we go… 
This week's book was:
The Letter by Kathryn Hughes. I’ve read it earlier this year and I definitely recommend it. It is so much more than a historical romance. In fact, I wouldn’t put it in the category at all. To read more about the book and what I thought of it, please click here.
I hope to see you next week for some more fun!


  1. I love this :-) I haven't read this one yet but it sounds like something right up my alley :-) I've read your review for it and it sounds so good


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