A rose for love and a book forever!

Today, Barcelona and the whole of Catalonia celebrate el dia de la rosa y del llibre by exchanging gifts of… you guessed correctly: books and roses… ‘a rose for love and a book forever’! Forget Valentine’s Day: this is the most romantic celebration of love for bookworms!

On this day I present to you hand-made paper roses* and a heart-warming little book by Jojo Moyes: Paris for One. Part of the QuickReads collections, it is a delightful short story about love. Not necessarily romantic love – although that’s a bonus – but love for yourself and your dreams.

Meet Nell and Fabien – the former English and yet to come out of her shell, the latter French and in need of rediscovering the proverbial joie de vivre. Follow them through the beautiful Paris, which is here a third main character in its own right, and root for them as they help each other find that je ne sais quoi that makes life more interesting.

In less than 100 pages, Jojo Moyes created three-dimensional characters who seamlessly move through the pages to come to a relatively open ending that manages not to be too cheesy and predictable. I haven’t read any of her other books but – if this is an example of her writing skills – I can completely understand why they have been so successful.

* No books were harmed in the making of these roses. I only used old books that were beyond re-reading and would not have been of any interest to others.


  1. That is ten times better than Valentine's Day, for sure. I'm obsessed with Paris, so I'm going to need to read that book Lol.


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