Blog tour: The Love That Dares

Welcome to the blog tour for The Love That Dares: Letters of LGBTQ+ Love & Friendship Through History by Rachel Smith and Barbara Vesey!

More about the book…

A good love letter can speak across centuries and reassure us that the agony and the ecstasy one might feel in the 21st century have been shared by lovers long gone. This is all the truer of LGBTQ+ love letters: love affairs and relationships that, until very recently, had to survive within sealed envelopes and behind closed doors.

In The Love That Dares, queer love speaks its name through the words of lovers from years gone by. Alongside the more famous names coexist beautifully written letters by lesser-known lovers, giving us an insight into queer love outside of the spotlight of fame or fortune. Compiled by Bishopsgate archivists Rachel Smith and Barbara Vesey, these letters give us a glimpse into the passion and courage it took to continue a gay relationship in times when it was at best improper, and at worst illegal. Enlightening introductions to each set of letters give readers an idea of the historical context in which they were written.

What did I think of this book? 

Oh my, where do I start?! I was instantly attracted to this book… it speaks to me both as a member of the LGBTQ+ community and as a firm believer in the power of words. Letters, notes… what would we be without them? I loved that the writers selected included some famous names as well as many I didn’t recognise. I loved the diversity of it all and, above all, I loved the celebration of our relationships. This is a book that will have pride of place in my home library and I can’t wait for my daughters to be old enough to enjoy it. Because love is love!

Three words to describe it. Very. Much. Needed!

Do I like the cover? I love it. I mean, the cover IS love itself!


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