We need to talk about books! #9

This is week I have the pleasure of catching up with Sarah from Beauty Addict, where she writes about beauty, lifestyle and fashion, and of course books!
Are your bookshelves a ‘work in progress’ like mine or are they clearly and systematically organised?

My bookshelves are very full! I try and keep them in some sort of order – I try and group together all books from the same author if possible, but I’m not totally obsessed about them being in colour order or size order!

Apart from books, what is to be found on your bookshelves?

I have a candle and some small photo frames with pictures of my partner and family.

What do you do with books once you’ve read them?

KEEP THEM! I can’t bear to part with any books. I always say I will have a sort out of my bookcases, and maybe only manage to get rid of one or two.

Do you tend to re-read books?

Yes, some of my favourite books I have re-read several times over – this is why I can’t bear to part with any books because I love re-reading the good ones again.

Have you ever read or started reading a book only to realise that you had already read it?

I have done this many times when I have gone to the library – picked a book out and been told by the librarian I have taken the book out before.

How do you feel about lending books to friends?

I get a bit worried that I may not get them back, especially if it is a book I really enjoyed.

Are you a ‘spine bender’ or do you like your spines to be pristine?

No, you can’t bend the spine! I like my books to stay looking as new and neat as possible.

Do you write in books, do you use sticky notes for your comments or something like that?

Never write in a book, I may use a sticky note to highlight a page I want to read over again, but I would never write in a book!

If you take physical books on holiday with you, how do you choose them? If you don’t, do you take an eReader instead or do you plan to buy books at destination or perhaps you don’t read on holiday etc.?

I take a mixture – I usually buy 3 new books to take on holiday – something light and easy to read by the pool, and I will take my iPad with so many of my kindle and iBooks – means I always have a good choice to work through!

Do you take a book with you whenever you go out, just in case?

Most of the time, yes!

If you have a partner, do they love reading too? If they do, do you have the same taste in books? 

My partner does enjoy reading, but he is a “Holiday Reader” and he will take all holiday to get through one book. He gets astonished by how fast I can get through a good book when relaxing on holiday.

Have you ever met an author? How did it go?

No, but I am very fortunate to live in Cheltenham where they have the Literature Festival, and I love wondering around the festival and getting very excited by all the amazing authors who are giving talks in the town where I live!

If you were to write a book, what genre would it be?

I am writing my own novel – it is in the chick-lit genre – I really enjoy these types of books to give you that all over warm fuzzy feeling!

And that was my last question for you. Thank you so much for joining me today!

If you'd like to keep in touch with Sarah and find out more about the book she's writing, you can find her here:

Blog: https://beautyaddict32.co.uk/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/misssmiley32
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/misssarah33/?hl=en

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