Blind Date Book Reveal #8

Welcome back to Blind Date With a Book Thursday… even if it’s Friday morning! Thank you all for joining in the fun and sharing your guesses on Twitter or on the blog. I hope you enjoyed yourselves!

A quick look at the clues:
  • I was published in 2011 and I am a debut novel
  • I was written by a female British writer
  • I am set in London
  • One of my main characters is... a department store
  • There is romance among my pages
  • I tell you all about a Christmas miracle
  • My heroine transforms herself from ugly duckling to beautiful swan (but not literally!)
Any last-minute guesses? No? Ok, here we go…

This week’s book was…
Miracle on Regent Street by Ali Harris. A good read at any time of the year, I first reviewed this book in December 2011 and you can read all about it here.

I hope to see you next week for some more fun!


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