Blog tour: If I Had A Polar Bear

Welcome to the blog tour for If I Had A Polar Bear by Gabby Dawnay!

More about the book…

What would it be like to have a polar bear as a pet? It might be an unconventional choice, but it would be sure to give the best bear hugs...

Polar bears are cuddly but they're also very strong. As marine mammals, they can swim for days at a time – that's serious perseverance! So if Santa ever needed help delivering his presents, guess who he would call? Join our funny female protagonist as she wonders 'what would life be like... if I had a polar bear?'

More about the author…

Gabby Dawnay is a writer and poet.

She is a regular contributor to OKIDO magazine and a script-writer for children’s television.

Alex Barrow, a London-based illustrator, is the art director for and a regular contributor to OKIDO magazine.

Alex and Gabby are the duo behind children’s picture books If I had a dinosaur, A House for Mouse and A Song for Bear, all published by Thames & Hudson.

My impressions…

The latest addition to the ‘If I had a…’ series – which I must have been living under a rock to miss! – this book imagines what it would be like to have a polar bear for a pet. The illustrations are bold and colourful, the text is catchy and rhyming, the imagined scenarios so quirky that laughter is guaranteed… you couldn’t really ask for more in a children’s book. And it’s perfect for this cold season, as I’m a fan of rotating books on our shelves based on what’s happening in the world around us. A perfect present for any child!

Three words to describe it. Fun. Adorable. Seasonal.

Do I like the cover? It’s gorgeous, like all other illustrations in this book.

Have I read any other books by the same author? No, and now the whole family wants to catch up!


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