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Welcome to the blog tour for Emma and Bob by Ágnes Horváth!

More about the book…

You are perfect and wonderful just the way you are! And the key to your life is in your hands. Don’t know what that means? You can live a joyful and full life. You can calm your emotional storms and the thoughts swirling in your head. You can find deep peace even when you are hurt or grieving. Don’t know how? Let the story of Emma and Bob guide you.

Thanks to their curiosity, Emma and Bob’s ordinary holiday becomes extraordinary. In addition to enjoying time at the beach, in the forest and at home, Gran explains to them ‘the endless cycle of life’ and the importance of ‘self-kindness’, ‘positive thinking’, ‘listening to your heart’ and ‘being present’. You can learn these too, just open your mind and heart.

You’ll find that even simple things like breathing, a sandcastle, half a glass of lemonade or a little flower can teach you things about yourself and life that you may have never heard before.

More about the author…

Ágnes Horváth followed her heart when she wrote her first book, ‘Emma and Bob’. After many years of helping mostly adults as a nurse, care assistant and currently a nursing associate, she became passionate about helping children as well, in a very different way. Over the last decade, she discovered our true essence beyond thoughts and personality, why we perceive the world and our experiences the way we do, and how we can influence our lives. She learns from her own experiences, from well-known spiritual teachers and scientists (E. Tolle, Mooji, L.L. Hay, Dr J. Dispenza, Dr B. Lipton, G. Braden…) and from an excellent psychotherapist. She enjoys spending time in nature.

My impressions…

Emma and Bob go to stay with their grandmother for a week, and, as the tagline suggests, it turns into ‘a holiday that reveals the miracle of life’. The target audience for this book is children aged 9+. The sky is the limit, and I know many an adult who would benefit from learning these lessons of self-compassion, gratitude and positive thinking, just to name a few. In fact, I found these reminders very useful myself. Every chapter represents a day, and every day is divided into further smaller sections that focus on a particular message, such as ‘your attitude towards life is important’ or, simply (but not so simple!), ‘breathe’. In my opinion, these short but powerful lessons, combined with an easy language and relatable situations, make this book approachable for younger children too. At four years of age, I believe my eldest daughter can grasp these concepts if presented in bite-sized scenarios, and Emma and Bob are the perfect friends to show her the way.

Three words to describe it. Relevant. Approachable. Insightful.

Do I like the cover? Yes, I like the simple style of the cover illustration.

Have I read any other books by the same author? No, this is her first book.


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