Blog tour: David's Bathtime Adventure

Welcome to the blog tour for David’s Bathtime Adventure by Sue Wickstead!

This is not the first book by Sue Wickstead that I read with my little ones and, hopefully, not the last. David’s Bin Day is still a firm favourite in this household (as is bin day itself!) and I’m hoping that David’s Bathtime Adventure – which elicited a lot of giggles and ‘That’s silly, mamma!’ – is going to turn the bedtime ritual into something that is embraced with a little more joy! As usual, the entertaining story is accompanied by the beautiful illustrations that have made us fond of the author’s books.

More about the book…

David loves his bath time!

As Mum fills the bath with water, David get himself ready for a swimming adventure.

With toys and his fishing gear, he certainly enjoys splashing around in the water.

(And making a mess!)

Where will his imagination take him?

In the words of the author…

I am a supply teacher working across Sussex and Surrey.

For over 20 years, alongside my teaching career, I worked with a Children’s Charity, a Playbus, which led me to write a photographic history book about it. (Bewbush Playbus.)

I have been telling stories about the bus which led me to writing the fictional tale.

Jay-Jay the Supersonic Bus’, came out in print in 2014.

The story has led to other children’s stories.

David’s Bathtime Adventure’, as well as my last book ‘David’s Bin Day’, is a story about my comical little brother growing up and the games he liked to play.

There are more stories written and on their way. (All of my stories do have a bus in them somewhere.)

In my role as visiting Supply Teacher, I am able to share my stories.

I have also undertaken author visits both in schools as well as online, visited libraries for story time and events on request.

I have also used many of my books as a starting point for online learning with EYFSHome – providing ideas to support the books. (Both of the David stories were told as part of this which led to the writing of the books.)


  1. Thank you for sharing your book review and it's good to hear that you have enjoyed David's antics.


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