Blog tour: Raindrops

Welcome to the blog tour for Raindrops: How Meditation Changed the Course of My Life by Shirish Patel!

About the book…

Amongst the varied settings of what most would say has been anything but an ordinary life, Shirish Patel reflects on his lifetime quest for spiritual stability. With seeds of religion and ritual first planted by his mother, Patel finds his life path watered by raindrops of wisdom gathered from everyday experience, gurus, scriptures, and meditation.

From the beauty of the Ugandan landscapes of his childhood to studying medicine in India to his professional development in Zambia, the UK, and the US, Patel speaks to readers across cultures and traditions as he shares anecdotes about his experiences of fears, failure, and loss, and how he overcame them.

Raindrops encourage us: if we let the rains fall on fertile ground, we can find our path to change, fulfilment, enlightenment, and service to others. In doing so, we find our true selves.

About the author…

Born in Uganda (East Africa), Shirish Patel is a retired psychiatrist. Shirish believes that each one of us has endless potential for spiritual growth. All we need is an open mind. When he is not occupied giving back to the lands and peoples of his past, he chases waterfalls and wildlife with his camera. He currently lives in Rochester, NY with his wife, Shashi, and their daughter.

My thoughts…

I found this window onto the author’s experiences fascinating. I don’t normally read many autobiographies but I have a keen interest in meditation and I thouroughly enjoyed following the milestones – personal, professional and spiritual – of the now retired psychiatrist.

The anecdotes from his life helped make him and his message more approachable, and I found the stories related to the charities he founded inspiring.

I would recommend this book to anyone who has any interest in self-development.


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