Blog tour: Can You See Me Now?

Welcome to the blog tour for Can You See Me Now? by Trisha Sakhlecha.

More about the book…

Fifteen years ago, three sixteen-year-old girls meet at Wescott, an exclusive private school in India.  Two, Sabah and Noor, are the most popular girls in their year. One, Alia, is a new arrival from England, who feels her happiness depends on their acceptance.

Before she knows it, Sabah and Noor’s intoxicating world of privilege and intimacy opens up to Alia and, for the first time, after years of neglect from her parents, she feels she is exactly where, and with whom, she belongs.

But with intimacy comes jealousy, and with privilege, resentment, and Alia finds that it only takes one night for her bright new world to shatter around her.

Now Alia, a cabinet minister in the Indian government, is about to find her secrets have no intention of staying buried...

More about the author…

Trisha Sakhlecha grew up in New Delhi and now lives in London.  For her new novel she draws upon a true story – a famous scandal that erupted at her own high school and which changed India.  She works in fashion and is a graduate of the acclaimed Faber Academy writing course. In the past, Trisha has worked as a designer, trend forecaster, and lecturer.  She is the author of Your Truth Or Mine? 

And now, my thoughts…

How did this book end up in my hands? I gratefully received a review copy from the publisher so that I could join this fantastic blog tour.

Was it a page-turner? Cleverly plotted, this is a book that kept leading me to the wrong conclusions. And in doing so, it kept me wanting to read more each time I picked it up. I have not experienced bullying in my life so I could not identify with any of the characters, who, let’s be honest, are not exactly likeable. This, however, did nothing to undermine my enjoyment of the book and I was still able to fully engage with the story being told.

Did the book meet my expectations? I got so much more from this book than expected. On top of enjoying this novel as a good psychological thriller, I loved the Indian setting. India is a country that endlessly fascinates me and you can learn a lot about its society here if you look closer.

Three words to describe it. Dark. Twisty. Universal.

Do I like the cover? I like the small touch of the three knots but, all in all, it doesn’t particularly stand out to me on a bookshelf.

Have I read any other books by the same author? No, but I would like to catch up before her next novel comes out.



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