Blog tour: The Other Daughter

Welcome to the blog tour for The Other Daughter by Caroline Bishop!

Synopsis: When Jessica discovers a shocking secret about her birth, she leaves her London home and travels to Switzerland in search of answers. She knows her journalist mother spent time in the country forty years earlier, reporting on the Swiss women’s liberation movement, but what she doesn’t know is what happened to her while she was there. Can Jess summon the courage to face the truth about her family, or will her search only hurt herself and those around her even more?

How did this book end up in my hands? I was gifted a copy of the book by the publisher so that I could review it.

Was it a page-turner? Yes, absolutely. In general, I find dual timeline novels hard to put down as I keep wanting to find out how one timeline affects the other. In this case, the broad spectrum of emotions that Jess goes through made it even more unputdownable as I felt totally invested in her life.

Did the book meet my expectations? I was sold on this book as soon as I came across the words ‘women’s liberation movement’. The Swiss setting was also a huge selling point. For these two components alone, I was expecting a lot. Caroline Bishop definitely delivered. And then some! I feel like I’ve reached the end of the book not only having enjoyed great fiction but also having learnt a lot about the history of women’s rights and a country that I knew too little of.

Three words to describe it. Emotional. Thought-provoking. Engaging.

Do I like the cover? Do I like the cover?!?! I mean, have you seen it? Bold colours and sprayed edges… it is to die for. Stunning doesn’t even cover it. No pun intended.

Have I read any other books by the same author? No, as this is the author’s debut novel. And with a debut like this, there will be many readers looking forward to her second book. No pressure!


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