Blog tour: The Dressmaker of Paris

Welcome to the blog tour for The Dressmaker of Paris by Georgia Kaufmann!

About the book…

Rosa Kusstatscher has built a global fashion empire upon her ability to find the perfect outfit for any occasion. But tonight, as she prepares for the most important meeting of her life, her usual certainty eludes her.

What brought her to this moment? As she struggles to select her dress and choose the right shade of lipstick, Rosa begins to tell her incredible story. The story of a poor country girl from a village high in the mountains of Italy. Of Nazi occupation and fleeing in the night. Of hope and heartbreak in Switzerland; glamour and love in Paris. Of ambition and devastation in Rio de Janeiro; success and self-discovery in New York.

A life spent running, she sees now. But she will run no longer.

About the author…

Georgia Kaufmann studied Social Anthropology and Demography at Cambridge, LSE and Oxford. She currently lives within cycling distance of central London with her husband, two daughters and a cat. The Dressmaker of Paris is her debut novel.

Last but not least, my thoughts…

How did this book end up in my hands? The publisher generously gifted me an advance copy of the book so that I could join this tour.

Was it a page-turner? This novel gave me a mixed reading experience. On the one hand, I couldn’t put it down. On the other hand, the story is so rich in details and emotions that it made me want to tread carefully. Every chapter felt like a present to unwrap as we are presented with an item that Rosa is using to get ready for a very important appointment and that is the starting point for another tale from her past.

Did the book meet my expectations? I expected to be swept up in a glamorous world of designers and fashion, and I was. However, this novel is so much more than that. Spanning decades and taking the reader to different destinations across the world, Rosa’s story is one of strength, determination and resilience. I loved the evocative settings and the presence of historical figures, which give a richer depth to the events that are being narrated.

Three words to describe it. Engrossing. Evocative. Emotional.

Do I like the cover? I love it. The cover is indeed what first attracted me to this novel. The font, the layout, the colours and the artwork… everything is carefully thought out.

Have I read any other books by the same author? This is the author’s debut novel and it’s easy to predict that a great writing career will follow.


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