Audiobook review: Seriously... I'm Kidding!

I’ve recently listened to Seriously… I’m Kidding! by Ellen DeGeneres in one single sitting (-ish, more on this later) during a long drive on busy English motorways. It was all a bit of a coincidence but it ended up being the best thing ever!

A couple of days earlier, my wife had given me a Kindle for my birthday and – once connected to the Wi-Fi – it had magically downloaded a copy of this audiobook that had been stored on my Audible account for a good few years. Yes, years. See, I am not a seasoned audiobook reader (listener?) as I get easily distracted if my eyes are not locked onto the page. Don’t worry, I wasn’t driving on this particular journey! Also, I normally fall asleep when I’m read to. It doesn’t matter how thrilling or entertaining a book is, a voice reading to me will automatically lull me to sleep.

I have to be absolutely honest and admit that I fell asleep towards the end (I told you, I can’t help it) but a quick nap was all I needed before finishing the last four chapters. I didn’t need to read the synopsis before getting the audiobook. The fact that it was read by Ellen DeGeneres herself was enough to know I would love it.

In this audiobook she talks about a bit of everything in that unmistakable witty and frank way of hers. My wife and I laughed pretty much the whole way through (apart from when I was napping!) and I still chuckle to myself now about some of the things she came up with, like the guided meditation or the chapter titled ‘The secret of life’, which is probably my favourite!

So what now? Go listen!


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