This is not a book! #1

This is not a book, true, but a book is the reason why I am showing this to you today! I am talking of The Weaning by Hannah Vincent, which I have recently reviewed on this blog.

In the book, childminder Bobbi has a tattoo of a Russian doll on her wrist, which – for  her – comes to signify motherhood and loss at the same time. It is an extremely poignant symbol; one that I somehow wanted to bring to life.

And this is where Lynn from Pomelo Crafts comes in with her exquisitely handcrafted pouch. Look at how splendid this is!
Lynn started using her mum’s old sewing machine to create practical and yet beautiful items while on maternity leave with her second daughter. When I found Lynn’s shop on Etsy, I felt that this maternal central thread was a sign and I was incredibly happy to collaborate with her.

Her attention to detail is amazing and I can’t help but mention that even the packaging is beautiful: a sheet of delicate tissue paper and a tag with the shop’s logo and a cute fabric trim. It doesn’t happen very often that I find myself taking pictures of products that are still wrapped up!
The buildup, however, was totally justified because the item itself is adorable! Made from quality 100% quilting cotton, the pouch mixes a Russian doll print with a light blue fabric with small white flowers on it. The combination is super pretty, as you can see here.
The same care is applied to the lining of the pouch, which is a cute pink polka dot cotton fabric and matches the pink zip. I just can’t believe how well these different fabrics work together. Lynn definitely has a good eye when she selects her prints!
But let's hear it from the creator herself:

Lynn, at what age and how did you learn sewing?

My mum gave me her old sewing machine quite a long time ago, maybe about 20 years. She showed me how to use it and I remember making myself a skirt. It then got left for many years until I was on maternity leave with my 2nd daughter. Suddenly, there were things I wanted to make (practical items) that I couldn’t find in shops, so I dusted off the vintage Husqvarna and pretty much taught myself. Baby items like bibs and nappy bags then moved on to purses, pencil cases, card cases. Although, all the items I make have one thing in common – they have a practical use.

What is your favourite item to make?

Sewing is my hobby (rather than my job) so I make sure I only make things I enjoy making. Coin purses are probably my favourite, though.

Where do you find your inspiration?

I would say I mostly get my inspiration from all the amazing fabric that is available. I love looking at a flat piece of material and thinking about how it would look made up into an item (and mixing it up with other fabric). There is just so much interesting fabric around that it’s hard not to buy it all! I have a pretty large stash of fabric but I tend to buy smaller amounts, so I can constantly buy different types. Quilting is big in North America so fabric websites based over there are pretty good to look it – the choice is huge!

When buying fabric, what draws you to a particular pattern?

I like ALL sorts of patterns. I’m quite drawn to larger prints, but they are harder to make into small items (like coin purses), so I prefer them for clothes. I’m always drawn to retro prints and Scandi/Folk style prints – I would say they are my favourites. I also like floral prints but not a classic Cath Kidston style. I prefer something quite bold like an Amy Butler design. Colour-wise, I only really like big bold colours, especially different shades of blue/turquoise. I also like brown/orange as a colour combination, but fabric in these colours (with a great pattern) is really hard to find!

What made you choose a Russian doll fabric?

I love Russian dolls. My daughters have a set and I just love them – I always have! They are a very pleasing shape and they are colourful, so for me that fits my requirements of a good fabric to work with.

This is a book blog after all so the inevitable question is... what do you most enjoy reading?

I prefer non-fiction and I tend to read a variety of articles rather than books. I'm interested in anything and everything though.
You can find out more about Lynn and her work on Etsy, Facebook and Instagram. Plus, if you liked what you saw, here is your chance to win this gorgeous pouch! All you need to do is fill in this form by April 30th. Good luck!


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