Podcast review: Virago Books - Sarah Waters

The first episode of the Virago Books Podcast this year was a juicy conversation with Sarah Waters in the year that marks the 20th anniversary of the publication of Tipping the Velvet.

In slightly less than 40 minutes we learn the circumstances that brought this wonderful historical romance to life, the changes that the LGBT community has witnessed over the last 20 years and so much more.

Fascination with male impersonators, storytelling, reader / writer experiences, adaptations for TV and theatre… I savoured every single topic that was discussed.

I can’t remember which was the first lesbian novel I read but I have a very strong feeling that it might have been Tipping the Velvet. And if it wasn’t, it was definitely the first lesbian novel that showed me that a happy ending wasn’t impossible for girls like me.

I wish I could have told her exactly this when I met Sarah Waters at a book signing back in 2007. Instead, shyly handing her my copy of The Night Watch, I mumbled something about liking her books (duh, I had just waited for hours just to hear her speak!) and retreated a nice shade of bright red!

Enjoy listening and rejoice… she is writing again!


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