Books through my lens #6

Wandering around Amsterdam last winter, I came across this little bookshop: Leeshal Oost. At first, its cute candy-striped awning made it look like it might be an old-fashioned greengrocer's but upon closer inspection the mistake was rectified!

I believe that this bookshop, which can be found at Commelinstraat 53, 1093 Amsterdam, deals in used and rare books and magazines only. I might be wrong but I don't remember seeing brand new books. That said, I think that I was too fascinated by the shop itself to pay too much attention to books that, as far as I could see, were exclusively in Dutch. Look at the curved glass in the window - so beautiful!

The use of shopping trolleys to display the books was also very original. The more I think about all those sad, discarded trolleys polluting our fields and rivers, the more this seems to be the way forward!


  1. Beautiful looking store & liking the trolley idea, but with one proviso, are they secured so some light fingered book-fiend couldn't run off with them .:@ )

  2. Haha, I didn't check! I better stick to my job, crime is obviously not for me!

  3. Fantastic bookshop. When I am back in Amsterdam, I am definitely going to go there and browse (and maybe running away with a trolley)!


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