Thursday, 17 March 2011

Help! My wish list #16

One more title from my ever-expanding reading wish list.

** The cover image is for illustrative purposes only. If you are a publisher and would kindly like to offer me a copy of this book for review, I will change the cover so as to reflect the edition received. **

The Journal of Dora Damage
By Belinda Starling

Amazon's product description: London, 1859. By the time Dora Damage discovers that her husband Peter has arthritis in his hands, it is too late - their book-binding business is in huge debt and the family is on the brink of entering the poorhouse. But Dora proves that she is more than just a housewife and mother. She resolves to rescue her family at any price and finds herself irrevocably entangled in a web of sex, money, deceit and the law.

Why I want to read this book: I must admit that, apart from the mention of the book-binding trade, the description above doesn't really make me want to read this novel. The fact that it has been compared to Sarah Waters's work, however, does!

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Jeane said...

Also for me the bookbinding being mentioned seems to be the only thing that gets me slightly interested in what it is about :-)