Italy in Books: An early Christmas present!

The start of the "Italy in Books" reading challenge 2011 is getting increasingly near and I'm doing my best to provide you with great entertainment all year round, be it in the form of amazing monthly prizes or brilliant guest bloggers!

As an early Christmas present, here is a little anticipation...

Ciao a tutti! (or) Hello everyone! I'd like to take a moment to introduce myself to the readers of Book after Book! I'm Kimberly Menozzi, the author of Ask Me if I'm Happy, and Silvia has invited me to join her blog for a series of guest posts in 2011. I'll be writing about my experiences as a foreigner living in Italy in "Senza Ali e Senza Rete – Without Wings and Without a Net". Once a month, I'll share a short story/essay about my life here in northern Italy – a place I'd never even dreamed of seeing until I found myself living here, quite by chance. I hope you'll enjoy my posts and that you'll share your thoughts with us on the blog.

A presto! Until then!
Kimberly Menozzi


I have already read Kimberly's first instalment in the series and I couldn't be more impatient to share it with you in January! In the meantime, for a little taste of her wonderful way with words, why don't you go and have a browse on You'll thank me!


  1. Sounds interesting!!! Damned Silvia, ...this is cheeky. I am distracted by everything that is linked to Italy and you know it! :-)

  2. This is a good kind of cheeky! Besides, it's only one entry per month... surely you have time for that?!


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