Blog tour: The Keeper of Hidden Books

Welcome to the blog tour for The Keeper of Hidden Books by Madeline Martin!

More about the book…

It is 1939, and nothing could prepare Marta and Janina for the Nazi occupation of their homes and families in Warsaw. Friends since childhood, the two women couldn’t be more different – Marta is Polish and a stubborn, practical planner; Janina is half-Jewish with fanciful ideas of war and heroism. But as the bombs rain down on Warsaw and Hitler’s forces surround the city, a series of tragedies spur them to action. Both avid readers, they find ways to join the war efforts using one of the only weapons that still feel safe to them: literature.

While Marta and her father become active in the underground and work to salvage books in danger of being destroyed, Janina aids a secret library in the ghetto, lending and delivering books to orphans. As the round ups and executions intensify, these books become a life preserver for members of their community. But the closer Warsaw gets to liberation, the more dangerous it becomes for the women and their families – and escape may not be possible for everyone. Through the destruction and death raging around them, Marta and Janina must fight to preserve their culture and community, finding hope in each other in order to survive.

More about the author…

Madeline Martin is a New York Times and International Bestselling author of historical fiction and historical romance novels filled with twists and turns, adventure, steamy romance, empowered heroines and the men who are strong enough to love them.

My impressions…

A skilful storyteller and researcher, the author has managed to recreate the atmosphere of Nazi-occupied Warsaw in such a way that, if I closed my eyes, I could picture exactly the world inhabited by Marta, Janina and the people around them. I didn’t want to close my eyes, though, as I couldn’t stop reading about this chapter of history that I wasn’t aware of. Literature is a powerful weapon, and these women were so brave and resilient. It was a thought-provoking read for me, and I don’t hesitate in recommending it.

Three words to describe it. Powerful. Emotional. Evocative.

Do I like the cover? I love it!

Have I read any other books by the same author? Not yet, but now I really want to.


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