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Welcome to the blog tour for Moon Yoga by Lisa Hood!

More about the book…

Whether we realise it or not, everyone and everything, from the rolling of the tides to the balance of emotions in our bodies, is influenced by the moon. Moon Yoga is your guide to harnessing the moon's energy to lift and balance your life through mindful movement.

Yoga is both a physical practice and a spiritual one. Expert yoga instructor Lisa Hood provides insightful guidance on how to shape a spiritual practice that channels the moon's energy to stimulate vitality, creativity, productivity and relaxation. Whether you work through a whole flow, focus on one pose, or just work through a breathing exercise, aligning your body and your mind in a moment of spiritual connection with the moon can help you centre yourself, even if just for a few moments in the middle of a busy day.

- Learn about how each phase of the moon brings a different energy into your life.

- Move with the moon with yoga positions and flows that draw on the energy of each of the nine lunar phases.

- Adjust your practice seasonally with practices for each of the full moons of the year, such as the Wolf Moon, Flower Moon and Corn Moon.

- Find rituals to carry you through the cycles of the moon.

With uplifting mantras and rituals to provide grounding, strengthened intuition and mindfulness beyond your physical practice, Moon Yoga gives you all the tools you need to move in sync with the moon.

More about the author…

Lisa Hood has been working with bodies for over 16 years. She trained and performed as a professional dancer and has been teaching yoga for 5 years.

For the last 5 years she has found herself being more and more drawn to other methods of mindfulness. Watching the moon, and understanding its energy and having the freedom to be bold enough to manifest with conviction, has given her the opportunity to make decisive exciting decisions in her life and she brings these gifts from Mama Earth into her teaching.

My impressions…

What an amazing little book this is! Little in size but vast in knowledge, it feels like the yoga companion that takes you by the hand and guides you to achieve the best possible experience. Are you in the mood for a whole yoga flow? There is one provided for every phase of the moon. Do you fancy a moment of self-reflection and self-care? There are pages with prompts for journaling and rituals to follow for new beginnings, increased creativity and letting go to name a few. Everything is thought out so that your actions, your thoughts and your body can be in sync with the moon and the energy it releases. And if this source of inspiration alone wasn’t enough, the text is accompanied by the most beautiful illustrations in a calming palette of colours. A gem of a book!

Three words to describe it. Insightful. Calming. Helpful.

Do I like the cover? This book is gorgeous inside and out!


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