Book review: Pip and Drip

Pip and Drip are the first titles in a brand new series by Maggie Li, which will explore different cycles in nature including trees, water, tadpoles, butterflies and birds.

In these books, learn how a tiny seed grows into a might tree and how a little drop of rain will travel through the water cycle.

These beautifully illustrated board books for the very young explore the life cycles of a tree and of a raindrop with an interactive cut-out hole throughout that highlights nature is full of changes, but that the story begins and ends the same.

This is a gorgeous board book series that introduces toddlers to how the natural world works, that provides a simple novelty element that perfectly ties into the theme of the book.

About Maggie Li (Author, Illustrator)

Maggie Li is freelance illustrator and children's book author. Her first book, Bug Detective was published in 2014 and led to a series of authored non-fiction works which have been translated into multiple languages and published around the world. Since then she has worked on an array of book projects with publishers including Pavilion, Quarto, Templar, Lonely Planet and Hachette. Maggie's favourite subject to explore is the natural world and bringing the wonders of science to young readers.

My thoughts…

I love these books! And I love that my daughter loves these books, which have become a solid part of our bedtime routine. I try to follow Montessori principles at home as much as possible and, despite Pip and Drip having eyes and a mouth, these two titles are great in such context as they help me help my daughter make sense of the world around her. The illustrations are beautiful and fun, and the text is accessible but not too simplistic. I can’t wait to see what the next titles in the series will be!


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