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Welcome to the blog tour for Jaipur Journals by Namita Gokhale.

More about the book…

Told from multiple perspectives, from the authors enjoying moments of adulation after years of creative isolation, to the star-struck public mingling with their cultural icons, to those in-between, who are both author and fan, these diverse stories of lost love and regret, self-doubt, and new beginnings come together in a narrative that is as varied as India itself.

From a septuagenarian who has completed her semi-biographical novel but does not want to part with it, to an author who receives a threat in the form of a poison pen letter; from a historian who reunites with a past lover, to a burglar who is passionate about poetry; from a young woman who has no idea what this world has in store for her, to an American woman looking for the India of her hippie youth, this metafictional, wryly funny novel is an ode to literature.

Partly a love letter to the greatest literary show on earth, partly a satire about the glittery set that throngs the festival year after year, and partly an ode to the millions of aspiring writers who wander the earth with unsubmitted manuscripts in their bags, Jaipur Journals is a light-footed romp that showcases in full form Gokhale’s unsparing eye for the pretensions and the pathos of that loneliest tribe of them all: the writers.

More about the author…

Born in Lucknow, India, Namita Gokhale, is an award-winning writer, publisher, and the co-founder/director (with William Dalrymple) of the Jaipur Literary Festival. She is the author of over twenty fiction and non-fiction books including the best-selling Paro: Dreams of Passion, Priya, and Things to Leave Behind. In 2017 Namita was awarded the first ever Centenary National Award for Literature by the Literary Society of Assam for her service to the Indian nation in supporting and showcasing Indian writing talents. Described as one of the finest Indian writers, she lives in New Delhi.

My impressions…

How did this book end up in my hands? I received a review copy of the book so that I could join this tour.

Was it a page-turner? I wouldn’t say this is a book that requires speeding through to the end. I have never been to a literary festival before (yes, I am sort of counting this as my first experience!) but I imagine you wouldn’t want to rush it. You would take some time to listen, to observe, to mingle, to savour the moment. Jaipur Journals is an invitation to do just that and I am happy I took it.

Did the book meet my expectations? Having been to and loved Jaipur a few years ago, I wanted this book to take me back there. Mission accomplished! The descriptions of the place and the people are so vivid that I could close my eyes and picture myself there. I advise keeping your eyes open though, otherwise you will miss an incredibly perceptive narrative.

Three words to describe it. Descriptive. Colourful. Fun.

Do I like the cover? Yes! It’s simple but eye-catching. There is nothing I would change, from its pretty font to its bold colours.

Have I read any other books by the same author? No, I was sadly not familiar with this author before the email about this blog tour reached my inbox. I find quite a few of her previous titles interesting though so I will probably work my way through them!


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