Blog tour: The Book Dragon Club

Welcome to the blog tour for The Book Dragon Club by Lexi Rees. Let’s jump right into it as I am properly excited to share how wonderful I think it is.

Unlike the books I normally review, this is an activity book. Also unlike most books you can find on my blog, this is a middle grade children’s book. The differences end here because – as it is often the case – I have asked to review it knowing that I would personally love it. Yes, at (almost) 40 years old, I want to be part of the book dragon club.

Originally, I thought I’d save this book for my own little book dragon but – on second thoughts – I think I’ll buy her her own copy when she’s older than her current 11 months of age!

So much thought and creativity have gone into this book. It’s really amazing! There are activities that can be done individually or with friends (or eager parents?!) and they involve drawing, colouring, thinking, creating and generally having tons of bookish fun!

I was slightly taken aback by the idea of having to draw in the book or cut shapes from it but children will have a field day!

If your child loves reading, they will love this book too. And if they are not enamoured with reading, I would definitely use this book to change that!


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