Book review: The Man Who Didn’t Call

By Rosie Walsh
Published by Pan Macmillan

Synopsis: Imagine you meet a man, spend seven glorious days together, and fall in love.
And it’s mutual: you’ve never been so certain of anything. 
So when he leaves for a long-booked holiday and promises to call from the airport, you have no cause to doubt him.
But he doesn’t call. 
Your friends tell you to forget him, but you know they're wrong: something must have happened; there must be a reason for his silence.
What do you do when you finally discover you're right? That there is a reason – and that reason is the one thing you didn't share with each other? 
The truth.

How did this book end up in my hands? I chose to listen to the audiobook version of this novel via the BorrowBox app. This book had been on my radar for a while and I was happy to find it there!

Was it a page-turner? Absolutely gripping. I couldn’t stop listening to this audiobook and basically took it wherever I went. Yes, even to the toilet!

Did the book meet my expectations? I loved the book but I was taken by surprise as I has assumed that it was going to be some sort of thriller. I was definitely expecting something sinister to happen. Having said that, I wasn’t disappointed in the slightest. In fact, I enjoyed it so much more because of that misunderstanding!

Three words to describe it. Intriguing. Emotional. Contemporary.

Do I like the cover? I’ve seen two covers for this and I like them both but my favourite is the one with the broken phone screen.

Have I read any other books by the same author? This is the author’s first novel and I will definitely want to read what comes next.


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