Blog tour: First in the Fight

It is with special pleasure that today I welcome you to the blog tour for First in the Fight, written by Helen Antrobus and Andrew Simcock.

About the book

Emmeline Pankhurst stands proudly in St Peter’s Square, but she stands for so many more…

First in the Fight tells the compelling stories of the twenty women featured on the Our Emmeline statue long-list. Author Helen Antrobus brings to life the achievements of these radical Manchester women alongside beautiful illustrations by the Women in Print collective.

Be part of the legacy of the 20 Manchester women who changed the world.


The women of Greater Manchester have long stood shoulder to shoulder in the fight for equality and social change. The unveiling of the statue of Emmeline Pankhurst in St Peter’s Square, strove to represent the contributions that Manchester women had made not only to the city, but also to the rest of the world.

Sitting alongside stunning illustrations from the ‘Women in Print’ collective, First in the Fight brings to life the stories of a range of inspiring women, from suffragettes, to botanists and mathematicians. The efforts of these pioneering women have shaped the world we live in and have helped pave the way for the voices of the next generation of women to be heard.

I received a copy of this book from Kelly at Love Books Tours in exchange of an honest opinion and my honest opinion is that you should go out today and buy a copy of this book for all the women, children and men in your life. Men? I hear you ask. Yes, everyone.

Apart from the fact that this is a visually striking book, we all need to have our eyes opened to the fact that there is more her in history than we have all been led to believe for so long. Women, extraordinarily amazing women, have always been there and always will be. It’s high time we learn about them and this collection of short biographies is the perfect starting point.


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