Book review: My Husband the Stranger

By Rebecca Done
Published by Penguin

Synopsis: When Molly married Alex Frazer, she knew it was for ever. Theirs would be the perfect future. 

However, after a night out with his twin brother, Graeme, a terrible injury leaves Alex with permanent brain damage. In a single moment the man she married is transformed into someone new. Someone who has forgotten how to love her. And someone Molly isn't sure she can ever love again. 

The Alex she married no longer exists. Even with Graeme willing to help, Molly isn't sure that she can go on. How can she stay married to a man she doesn't know? Should she let the future she dreamed of slip through her fingers? And what really happened on the night that turned her husband into a stranger? 

How did this book end up in my hands? I listened to the audiobook version of this book via the BorrowBox app. I was looking for a captivating read and I stroke gold!

Was it a page-turner? I couldn’t stop listening to this. My wife caught a few chapters when she was home one day and she was immediately hooked too so we sort of listened to the rest of the book in one sitting, before she had to go to work the following day!

Having read the synopsis, did the book meet my expectations? I think I was expecting a psychological thriller based on the title and book cover, while this is more of a family drama. Regardless of my misguided assumptions, it was an exceptional novel. 

Did I like the ending? [no spoilers] Yes, I did. I really did and I can’t say any more to avoid spoilers.

Three words to describe it. Heart-warming. Sad. Thought-provoking.

Do I like the cover? Yes, even if it reminded me too much of my own wedding ring, which snapped in two the day after my wedding. I’m still traumatised.

Have I read any other books by the same author? No and I’m looking forward to reading the author’s latest novel, This Secret We’re Keeping.

Will I be recommending this book? Yes, yes, yes! This is one of those books that are able to draw you right in from the very beginning. It’s also one of those books you won’t be able to help but discuss with friends and strangers alike. The last book that made me want to go out in the street and ask people ‘What would you do?’ was The Immortalists by Chloe Benjamin.


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