Green Books - a new monthly feature

Reading and the environment are two of my greatest interests, so I was delighted when Silvia invited me to write a series of monthly blog-posts here on green issues and reading.

Even in these days of the internet, books are often the best way to learn about nature and environmental issues, so I'll share some of my favourite books on these topics.

Many a nature-lover must mourn the number of trees cut down to make books so I'll write about ways in which the publishing industry is trying to become greener. I'll also compare books and electronic reading devices to investigate their relative carbon footprints.

And what happens when books become literally unreadable? I'll look at some examples of book art, including the mysterious book sculptures that have been delighting literary Edinburgh for the past year or so.

I'll also share some ideas for how to find inspiration if you want to write about nature and environmental issues.

So, here's looking forward to the next six months of green reading!

Crafty Green Poet


Jeane said…
Sounds interesting!
Rabbits' Guy said…
I'm in the back row there - listening. Not asleep.
Ash said…
How interesting! I eagerly look forward to reading it!!
bunnits said…
Looking forward to it Juliet.
Oh said…
Looking forward to your recommendations!
Michelle May said…
Looking forward to this. I have seen some gorgeous works of art from books that are no longer readable.
Hi everyone, thanks for all your comments! I'm looking forward to it too!

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